• Queerbloc

Louise Brown

Louise Brown's work challenges social norms, touching the subjects of mental health, body positivity and feminism. Brown started drawing her own body while in recovery from an eating disorder, beautifully merging art as a form of therapy with activism.

"In the process of recovery from an eating disorder I began drawing my own body - forcing myself to see my body as art and worthy of appreciation. I did this in the evening, a time I used to spend staring at my naked body feeling hate and repulsion. This new habit directly challenged these previous destructive thoughts, by drawing and liking the art I produced I then began to appreciate the body that had inspired them. This then progressed to me drawing a diversity of naked bodies accompanied by phrases such as 'there is no such thing as a bad or perfect body' - messages I wish I had heard more when I was younger and maybe could have prevented the illness I experienced."