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Aish Divine - Common Questions

"Common Questions is Aish Divine’s queer anthem of empowerment, at once satirical and reflective dance bop about online dating, especially from a queer lens. Common Questions reveals the race, power, gender, age dynamics in online encounters on apps like Grindr where after kissing the many frogs, you simply want to find someone real, tender and loving. It’s the first single from Aish Divine’s sophomore album The Sex Issue, a colourful exposé of modern sexuality. For the award winning music video (11 Telly Awards, Webby & multiple film festival nominated), Aish Divine specifically sought to work with a female music director and cast non-binary talent using his agency to undo the kind of 'otherness' he experiences being a queer, immigrant, person of colour who makes music that defies social expectations of his identity. Common Questions is a riotous, dance filled, intersectional view of queer, non-binary, South Asian and American street culture. The very people whose videos of oppression and killing grip the internet, are seen celebrating their power on Common Questions."

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