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Antonij Karadzoski's "Culture of Humiliation"

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Antonij Karadzoski is an artist and human rights activist from Republic of North Macedonia and based in Amsterdam. He uses art to break down stereotypes and raise awareness of important issues in the LGBTQ community through his art projects.

"Art is one of the few things that can really bring people together. It is a tool that can take limited resources and create something evocative and powerful. It can influence and inspire change. It is something that can cut through political and cultural divides and it is one of the greatest ways to express the best and most human parts of ourselves.

Artivism is the use of art as a non-violent method to change mentalities, cut through

divides, and confront major and divisive social issues. The idea is that art allows people to empathize and connect with others on an emotional level and make people feel for the subjects in the art even though they don’t know them."

Culture of Humiliation was his first artivism campaign on creating awareness on bullying

and cyber-bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity inspired by his own

experience being a young homosexual boy in a conservative country like North

Macedonia. Antonij faced a lot of bullying and cyber-bullying growing up, and he faced a

lot of discrimination and homophobia at a really young age. After escaping his native

country Republic of North Macedonia, Antonij focused on making a difference in the world through the method of Artivism and his main focus is the LGBT community in "difficult" countries like the Balkan Region, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Palestine and many more.

"Culture of Humiliation" will be displayed at Diversion//Subversion on the 29-02-20 & 01-03-20 at Šesnaestica in Zagreb, Croatia and on the 13-03-20 at Project Space in Prishtina, Kosovo.