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Bobb Attard's "In the cold light of day"

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Bobb Attard is a Maltese visual artist currently based in Zagreb, Croatia via London. His work often wanders around the complexities of the human brain while sometimes adding elements of absurdism and dark humour.

Hearing various experiences from local LBGTIQ+ individuals upon coming to Zagreb after spending most of his adult life in the UK, was a reminder of his upbringing in a more conservative Malta, back in the 90's-mid 00's.

In the cold light of day is an introspective photo story that deals with the shame and regret stemming from a strong Catholic upbringing, as well as the feeling of loneliness and discomfort of living in unsafe environments characterized by a closed minded society.

"In the Cold Light of Day" will be displayed at Diversion//Subversion on the 29-02-20 & 01-03-20 at Šesnaestica in Zagreb, Croatia and on the 13-03-20 at Project Space in Prishtina, Kosovo.

www.bobbattard.com // www.instagram.com/bobbattard

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