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Luka Pešun's "Radite to u svoja četiri zida"

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

"Envisioned as a response to the homophobic catchphrase  'Do It Within Your Own Four Walls', which is commonly used in most of the Balkan region, this series of photographs shows the everyday life of LGBTIQ+ people within the space of their own homes. By reconstructing the moments of their everyday life so as to give staging an impression of documentation, I'm trying to maintain an objective view. In the process of creating this series of photographs, I got to know our collective and individual realities and break down my own prejudices. With these photographs I am making a contribution to the existing discourse of gender, sex, and sexual diversity where it is at its weakest, providing insight into the layers of relationships and identities that have eluded me."

"Radite to u svoja četiri zida" by Luka Pešun will be displayed at Diversion//Subversion on the 29-02-20 & 01-03-20 at Šesnaestica in Zagreb, Croatia and on the 13-03-20 at Project Space in Prishtina, Kosovo.


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