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Rhyan Rhyan

Rhyan Rhyan is a London based multidisciplinary artist. While he's been expressing himself creatively for his whole life, he started taking art seriously 4 years ago.

"I used to do music but I had a bad experience with the industry. My managers at the time started to become verbally abuse which led me to I lose my passion, my mojo led me into depression. Art was a therapeutic way of me expressing myself and since then, I’ve never looked back."

Rhyan's work reflects on one his talents as a graffiti artist and is akin to Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat while beautifully merging his identity as a queer black, individual.

"Queer black artists deserve to be seen, we deserve to celebrated, we deserve to be heard. My work is celebration of my Black & Queer culture that’s explores blackness, queer identities, sexuality, experiences and social and political issues because nobody is going to illustrate our stories better than the people who live them."

"Black queer artists are clearly not represented enough. Anyone can easily draw their perceived perceptions on what Queer culture is like when they haven’t lived our experiences to tell them. But it’s really nice to see a new wave of Black Queer art emerging in different forms this year - I’m excited to be a part of it!"



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