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Srđan Miljević

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Srdjan Miljevic is a writer, born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. He writes about people in need, minorities and about people who are, in general perceived as different. He writes about process rather than progress. He has a BA in General Literature and Theory of Literature as well as MA degree in Cultural Policy and Management. For last 10 years he has been working on human rights and peace building projects in Serbia and all around the region.

"I cannot do this anymore. I am lazy to be afraid. I cannot stand to fall apart anymore. I just want somebody to love me. Do not even try to say that life is beautiful."

3 short stories by Srđan Miljević will be displayed at Diversion//Subversion on the 29-02-20 & 01-03-20 at Šesnaestica in Zagreb, Croatia and on the 13-03-20 at Project Space in Prishtina, Kosovo.

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