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Tarek X - Faeries (Official Video)

Tarek X's Faeries is a hybrid of techno and synth-pop with post-punk influences, accompanied by a powerful and empowering music video showcasing a ritual inspired by the Radical Faeries.

The Radical Faeries are an anti-establishment movement born in the United States during the 70s sexual revolution with the aim of redefining queer consciousness through secular spirituality. Sustained by pagan rites, pleasures and ecofeminist reflections, The Radical Faeries continue to exist throughout the world.

The music video is directed by Grégoire Orio.

Tarek X is a producer, vocalist and a performer with a multifaceted creative approach drawn from a diary, sound, visual alongside his romantic, sexual and sensory experiences in the positive sex circles of Europe and North America. His work is a story of a physical and mental journey, an exploration of intimate areas that involves giving up on chance encounters, new sensations and sometimes reconnection with buried feelings.



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